About Us

Hi, lovely people, and welcome to Project 99!

Let’s get right into it and answer the most frequently asked question, “What the hell is this?!”

P99 is a way of collecting heartfelt “care packages” for writers (primarily on Wattpad) who need and deserve a lot more appreciation than they geet, and then handing said collection to them in a crash-boom-bang-surprise! reveal.

I started Project 99 in January 2019, and for a look at how the first edition turned out, check it out on the respective page.

Once a writer is chosen, we start sending out invitations to their friends, followers and fans asking them to submit a care package for the recipient.

The goal is to get at least 99 submissions on each edition.

To find out more about our rules, who the recipient of the current edition is and how to join, please visit the page “The Answers to all Your Questions”.

I love all of you for taking part in this and for helping to prove what a massive family we are! 

All my love,