Project 99 – Unlocking Private Placement by Matthew Roddan

Launched in January 2015, Project 99 is a new and innovative way to unlock project funding finance using a self-help mechanism for project owners.

As the project grows we will be adding more pages to this area of our site including a discussion board, a members area, a private placement myth buster and full descriptions of how and why we can offer this service.

The Problems

The Solutions

If you are trying to fund a project and have tried to access private placement to do so you will probably be familiar with these common problems and may even have lost substantial amounts of money trying to access private placement. THE BOTTOM LINE IS you really DO need $50-$100m and anyone who tells you differently is trying to achieve the impossible.To address all of the problems we have ourselves encountered we have negotiated facilities with our bank which provide the following:
• You need $50-$100m to enter private placement. • A unique bank account with ONLY the project owner as signatory. You remain in control of 100% of your money at all times.
• You have tried leasing instruments and either don’t want to risk money on escrow or other fees, or have lost money doing so. • We have available up to 99 accounts to be offered on a first come first served basis.
• You have spoken to many people offering these services who do not appear credible. • We will pay deposit interest on the account at 2% per month.
• Just when you think you have a solution it fails at the point the banks are due to send the instrument. • Although we ask you to commit to the project 99 proposal for 12 months your funds can in fact be withdrawn at anytime.
• You have been trying to unlock the private placement world for many months or even years. • No blocking of the account. No charging the account.
• Every option you have looked at involves substantial risk and may be a fraud or a scam. • You will become a project 99 member with access to all other members in the members area.

Project 99 is run by Matthew Roddan

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