Deadline Incoming…

Hi, lovely people of Project 99!

We are about two hours away of our deadline as we speak. (Well, as I speak, and not really speak but type, anyways..)

We want to thank every person who joined Project 99. Your Care Packages are going to make the recipient’s day (and let’s hope week, month, year, decade and century). But.. There is still two more hours to submit it!

We here at Project 99 are not bad people so, if you need it, just ask us for an extension. We will most likely give you one!

We do kindly, but strongly, ask you to submit your Care Package if you haven’t done that yet. Especially those who agreed to send in something. It would break our hearts a little bit if you didn’t fulfil your promise. (Hasn’t your mum, dad, cat, taught you to not break promises!)

But you know, treat people with kindness and all 😉

In more important news:
We have set a date for the reveal.

On Saturday the 7th of September at midnight we will reveal the project to our lucky recipient. But, the world being all annoying had to be diverted into time zones. So.. We did our best Google jobs and made a map for you all to make it easier to figure out when to be awake and focussing yourself on the @yeahnoshitsherlock Instagram!

To clarify, it is midnight, for the American people 12 AM, (to misquote the lovely hes.wreckedme, I’m American Challenged, so correct me if I’m wrong) the night of Saturday on Sunday.

We love you so much!

We hope to see you at the live reveal. If we look drunk, we most likely are (well.. Sofia might be 😉 or on shrooms, you know follow the example of our leader).


Suzanne (aka RoseGoldSmiles)

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