What is the minimum required to become a member?

The minimum amount which you will have to be willing to deposit is $1m.

How are projects funded once the minimum number of commitments are made ?

Once the minimum tipping point is reached (20-30 Members) we will be able to begin the process of opening accounts and requesting funds be deposited. Once we know the total amount deposited and the total cost of their combined project we will negotiate a Buy Sell contract which will derive the total amount required.

In what order are profits distributed?

The only fair way to do this is in direct proportion to the amounts deposited

Can you give an example of how distribution will work?

Yes. Let’s assume we have 50 clients who have deposited $1m. Those 50 projects require a total funding of $500m. We will negotiate a return of $500m over say 10 months. This will be distributed equally to each client.

What if I deposit $5m and another project has deposited $1m?

You would be entitled to 5x the amount each month of the other project owner.

If the average deposit is more than $1m will the total required to start be reached sooner?

Yes if one client deposited $50m and another $49 then we would start immediately. In such an extreme example we would honour all commitments to date but may cease to accept new entrants at that point.

What if some projects are looking for a greater total return. For example my project needs 10x the deposit but another requires 20x?

Once we have a full description from all committed project owners we will publish the numbers on an average basis and set the multiple by which we will fund. If the multiple is not sufficient we will either reject a submission or invite members to agree or cross fund projects.

How safe are my funds?

The commitment letter creates no legal obligation. Once funds are deposited they remain under the project owners signature and are not charged or depleted.