One. Thousand.

That’s how many invitations to join Project 99 I’ve sent out.

One Thousand.

108 people agreed to still join, 73 people have sent in their submissions (Suus and myself not included). This means our response rate is about 20 percent, and that. Is. Awesome!

But it also means we’re still 20-some submissions short of meeting our goal of 99 care packages.

Babies, cutie-pies, marshmallows, sweet-as-fuck cherrypies, I need y’all to please come through withing the next 7 days. Help us meet the goal. Don’t forget to send in your submissions by August 31st.

As always, our DM’s and emails are open for anyone with questions or doubts, for anyone to yell at us or vent their feelings about the new Rolling Stones cover that Mr Harry “hot-fudge” Styles will be on.

All our love,

Sofia & the Project99 team

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