The Answers To All Your Question

1) “Don’t talk about Fight Club”

If you know who the recipient of Project 99 is, DO NOT TELL THEM! It’s supposed to be a surprise, and no one likes a spoil-sport. 
If you want to help spreading the word about this, that’s awesome and I appreciate it! But please, PLEASE, also make sure you don’t ever mention the recipient’s name “publicly”. They may already be aware that this project is happening (we can’t and don’t want to keep that part quiet), but they can’t know it’s for them. I’m fibbing my arse off to keep them from finding out, and my going to hell for that would be all for nothing if anyone blabs it out on their message board or instagram.

2) The lucky one

If you want to find out the recipients name, contact us via the Contact Form above!

3) Submission rules

(No, not the kinky kind (although if you want to send something kinky, I’m sure the recipient is gonna get a laugh out of it)

How do you submit your care-package, i.e. appreciation-message? 
Easy, just use our submission form.

4) The Care-Packages (CPs)

This is what we call your submissions. They can be anything. Seriously. Anything.

Short texts? Fine! Whole entire books? Also fine! Videos? Hell yes! Pictures and edits and manips and poems and plants and cars and whatever else you can bloody think of? Yes, please! 
For an idea of what CPs were sent in last time, check out the book “Treat Shani With Kindness”. Contributers ticket every box from short message to video to manip to poem.

The point of Project 99 is to show appreciation for the recipient. You can do that it whatever form you want. 
No single contribution is worthless, no one is better than the other just because it’s longer or more complex or whatever. Everything counts. This is NOT a competition. This is a family.
Each and every one of you is awesome for taking part in this.

(Disclaimer: videos can only be posted via YouTube. Hence, if you want to make a video and want it to be published in the “Treat XY With Kindness”  book, you need to upload it to YouTube. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can send it in anyway and we will forward it directly to the recipient. In the book you will be mentioned, but your video won’t be shown).

5) How big/long/elaborate should your contribution be?

As big/long/elaborate as you want it to be. It’s entirely up to you. I keep saying this, but when you know what Project 99 is about, you should understand that there isn’t exactly a guideline for what you should put forward. Just do you!

6) This is a family show

I organized the first edition pretty much on my own, and that got stressful as fuck. 
This time, I have the wonderful RoseGoldSmiles helping out, but it’s still just two of us. 
I’m not conceited enough to hope for this to go viral, but hey, a girl can dream. If you want to help, just spread the word. Tell people on your social medias. Tell friends on Wattpad/Instagram/Twitter. Talk about it. Comment about it. Send people DMs.

Imagine if every contributor of the first edition got another 10 people to contribute: that would take us to 1000 care-package submissions! 
If you want to know more specific ways to help out, message me. I’m grateful for each and every single person who aids us in reaching our goal. 
I like to think of this as a team, nay, a family effort. And every member is welcome.

7) The Deadline

There is a preliminary deadline set for

Saturday, August 31st, 12pm CET

However! That doesn’t mean this project will ever end. It won’t. That is just the date by which this needs to be published, but that doesn’t mean that later contributions aren’t welcome! Whoever joins the project at a later point will still find their spot.

8) Notifications

The only ways I’ll manage to notify everyone is through the book “Project 99” on my Wattpad (, my message board on Wattpad (@yeahnoshitsherlock), or on instagram. So follow me there or add the book to your library to find out when we’ll go live with the reveal and any other news.

9) Suggesting a recipient

Everyone is welcome to suggest someone as a recipient. Send us your suggestion through the Contact Us! page and tell us why you think they deserve a Project 99

10) Treat People With Kindness

In this project and out in the real world, please keep treating people with kindness, if for no other reason than Harry Styles wants you to.

This world is a dark place, sometimes. Our minds are even darker, occasionally. So with this project, we hope to shine a ray of sunlight into the gloomy night. It’s nothing but a pinprick-sized glow, like a star on the midnight sky, but hey, so is the North Star and small as she may look, she has guided sailors to safety for millennia.

Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart, for joining this project. Y’all are incredible. 
All the love, oh Benedict and all that tosh,